The Capitol offers a diverse selection of unique and fun a la cartes to customize your event.

Cinemagic! Dance Experience

Cinemagic! is a state-of-the-art DJ light & video show like no other. This dazzling theatrical production is custom made for your event. Cinemagic! includes thundering Bose surround sound, spectacular concert lighting, and fun special effects. Guests will enjoy vintage Hollywood clips, classic dance videos, and the hottest current music videos on a 30 ft silverscreen! Special effects include lasers, haze and fog, and a jaw-dropping moving universe of stars. The DJ will coordinate all your announcements and event highlights, and can display your slideshow or DVD on the movie screen. This custom-tailored professional production will provide romantic and happy memories that you will cherish forever.
It's Cinemagic!

Crystal Glamour Decor

Our beautiful Crystal Glamour Decor Package is a hassle-free decorating solution. Inspired by old Hollywood elegance, these individually lighted centerpieces enhance your event with a romantic ambiance that will wow your guests!The package includes a dramatic crystal Empire chandelier hung above the stage. Every table in your selected configuration in the main theatre room will be set with lighted crystal decor. Our table centerpiece options include table chandeliers, crystal trees, or white deco feathers. The serving and display areas are also decorated with various tiered crystal and mirrored decor in round and square shapes. A crystal cake stand or mirrored cupcake tower is included.A special lighted table for the guest of honor, bride & groom, or other special use is also included. This table can be lit any color such as a holiday or wedding color, or cycle rainbow.

Crystal Empire Chandelier above Stage
Lighted Crystal Table Centerpieces: chandeliers, deco feathers, or crystal trees
Lighted Crystal food & beverage display centerpieces
Diamond or Crystal Cake Stand or Cupcake Tower
Lighted Bride & Groom Table (lit either white, your wedding color, or rainbow)

Hollywood Photo Booth

The Hollywood Photo Booth is a genuine Model 12 photo booth, a classic piece of Americana. It's retro charm and vintage style deliver unforgettable entertainment that is addictive and universally delightful. Choose between vivid color and classic black & white photos! Make a memory, take a memory.

The Picture Perfect Package:

• Custom graphics on all photos
• Up to 4 hours of unlimited photos
• Thumb drive of all pictures taken throughout event
• Trunk full of Hollywood props
• Booth host

The "Prop Shop" - An antique dressing cabinet full of classic Hollywood props including Heroes & Villains, Cowboys & Indians, Gangsters & Flappers, and many other fun characters inspired by Hollywood. From classics like the Wizard of Oz, Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland, and Star Wars, to celebrities like Elvis and Marilyn, it's sure to be a hit with your guests!

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