Scotty's Hollywood Lounge was the most hoppin' joint in town. That is, until the night a mysterious gentleman arrived. The notorious but charming bookie William "Oz" Denslow,  now calls the shots at the secret speakeasy beneath the old Capitol Theatre.

In 1929, the public was captivated by the headlines: "World's Largest Emerald Stolen!" Legend has it that Oz was the wizard behind the heist. Word on the street is that Oz keeps his prized possession in his hidden nightclub.  Even the bluenoses and paid off coppers whisper of the "Emerald Room. "

If you're lucky enough to get tip-offed to the whereabouts of the secret entrance, follow the rules and everything will be jake. Break the rules and you'll get the bum's rush. And in the event of a raid, you better drink fast!

The Emerald Room awaits you.

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